Oh hi!

My name is Tania, and it's so nice to meet you.

2 years on from starting this business, I still can't believe I finally plucked up the courage to do it. It's been a roller coaster of emotions - for sure - but my 'why' is what keeps me coming back for more.

You see, when my two kiddies were 2 yrs and almost 1 yr, I knew I wanted professional photos, but I kept putting it off.

The biggest story I was telling myself? I didn’t feel comfortable about being in the photos. I didn't feel comfortable about being seen. Ouch.

Fast forward a little, to a local Baby and Kid’s Expo. I checked out a family photographer’s stall. We chatted, she was lovely, and the prospect of organizing a session started to feel easier. But still, I thought ‘maybe I’ll just get photos of the kids’.

Honestly though? Somewhere in the background, I had this strong feeling - I knew I'd regret not being with them in the family album. (you know where this is going right?)
I’m so glad I changed my mind.

Photos from that session still grace our walls, and my heart still fills up to the brim when I look at them.

My ‘why’ for BLP, is about:

* Overcoming your obstacles, & your stories.
* Meeting the need for documenting your family in a way that feels real, and heart felt, but also natural and easy.
* Showing you evidence of how amazing you are, how you belong, how much you are loved, and how much you matter.
* Telling a piece of your glorious story - for now, when the days are long and loud - and for 20 years time.

Tania x

Just in case you wanted to know...

+ Pretty much the only thing that motivates me to get into the kitchen (besides the desire to feed my family), is the promise to myself that I can listen to podcasts/90's throwbacks/acoustic covers whilst I cook.

+ I probably rely on emoji's, dry shampoo, and coffee a little bit too much. Ok a lot.

+ I laugh at my own jokes. Which is where this emoji 😂 comes in handy.


Just in case you wanted to know...

+ I'm not comfortable in front of the camera, but I know that a lot of people aren't - which is why I love to take photographs of people that show them as the truly excellent creatures that they are.

+ I'm a quiet, shy type - so confessing all these fun facts makes me want to vom in my mouth a little bit. But we're totally friends now, ok? Ok.