Ok, so we’ve scratched the surface in Part 1 …we chatted about how your CONFIDENCE – in your mindset, your work, your feelings of ‘enough-ness’ – lies at the heart of your imposter syndrome feels.

But hold up! Maybe you’ve never heard of the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’? You’re probably familiar with how it feels, but perhaps you haven’t attached a name to it. In a nutshell, it’s when we have feelings of being a fraud, an imposter, in relation to our work/achievements/creations. It’s when we don’t believe that we/our work are/is as fabulous as other people think we/it is.

And the tricky part is, we can feel like this *despite* the evidence that tells us that this isn’t actually true! Ugh, right?!

If left unchecked, the imposter syndrome gremlin can slowly seep into so many areas of our work and our business. It can hold us back, we can lose momentum, and it can leave us feeling doubtful, frustrated, worthless, and with zero confidence.

And lovely lady? I don’t want that for you! Or for me. So I want to let you know how we can tackle the beast. Ready?

Imposter Syndrome = FEAR

First up – recognise where it stems from. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of being judged. Your brain, keeping you ‘safe’, by keeping you small. Even if we go back to our cavewoman roots? Fear of being separated from the pack, ostracised from the tribe, by putting yourself out there.

This is also where I believe a lot of our comparison-itis stems from – I mean think about it….social media ‘success’ feels heavily geared towards whether your ART, your words, are liked. Whether someone deems your thing good enough to click on the heart, or give it a thumbs up. The good news is, that it’s not actually as black and white as that of course, but it’s those kinds of thoughts, and mindset, that Imposter Syndrome feeds on.

So, now what?

Be Clear on What You are Here to Do

Why did you start this photography business? I’m going to take a guess that it had something to do with taking your love of capturing the precious moments of life, and using those skills to serve others who would like their own precious moments to be captured and preserved forever more.

To serve them. To provide them with beautiful, tangible evidence of their glorious existence on this earth. And that my friend, is worth coming outta the woodwork for. That, is worth showing up for. That, is your gift that you can serve this world with. Remember that.

It’s not about your ‘followers’. It’s about the community that you build.

It’s not about tying your self worth to the ‘likes’. It’s about fully knowing, that what you do is valuable, it’s important. It’s about the humans on the other side of the screen, and the humans that you serve, that your art brings so much joy to.

Stay in Your Own Lane

You’ve probably heard this before – but lovely lady – it is so, SO true. You’ve got to stay in your own lane. Seeking inspiration, and motivation, for our creative hearts to find joy in and thrive on is one thing, but when we cross the line into comparing ourselves, our work, our success, our growth with everyone else (or even just one or two people) that’s where the good vibes can quickly come to a screeching halt.

Protect your energy, both online and in real life. Be mindful, and careful about who you let into your space…because you deserve to be surrounded by those who truly inspire you, motivate you, believe in you, and leave you with those feel good vibes that you need to keep moving forward.

Where’s Your Confidence At?

And we’ll finish up today’s pep talk right where we started. Your confidence. Your mindset. Your inner knowing.

If you don’t have confidence in your work, and in your business, I’m gonna be straight with you – it will feel hard. A lot.

Having an element of self doubt is totally fine, don’t get me wrong. Photography AND business are both massive learning curves, there’s SO much growth involved, and even the fun parts can still leave some lingering questioning. Totally normal.

But it’s when that self doubt turns into a constant question mark, sitting atop of everything we do, that we need to say whoa, this is not working for me.

  • Ask yourself, what areas have I got zero confidence with? First up, I’d take a good guess that you’re being way too hard on yourself. In fact, being hard on ourselves isn’t actually the motivational pill that we all seem to think we need to swallow. But that’s another post for another day 😉
  • If there are gaps that you need to close, gaps that require you to learn new skills in order for you to grow, in both your work as an artist, and your business…
  • If you’re not quite where you want to be (sidenote: please don’t get that confused where you think you should be. Don’t should on yourself, ok?), and you’re getting frustrated, and fed up…my friend – you need to a) take a breath; and b) keep going. Find the information you need, and keep going. Even the smallest of steps will add up, and close those gaps, but you need to take those steps in the first place. And you will close those gaps.

Because the thing is….if you don’t believe in what you do, if you don’t have that inner knowing that what you provide matters and is important, and that you can serve someone in the most amazing way…then how on earth can you expect other people to believe it?

And, if you’re too filled with self doubt to show up as your good self, to provide value, to market yourself, to sell your services with heart…then how will the good humans that need what you do, actually know you exist?

Ok, lovely lady, I’m going to leave it here. My honest hope is that this helped you in some way. Because,

YOU deserve to show up in this space, in this world, in the most soul filling way. You have gifts to share, so please don’t keep them hidden!

Bookmark this post, so you can access this awesome pep talk whenever you need 😉

tania x