If you asked me to choose between gorgeous/sun soaked/sunset sessions, at a beautiful outdoor location, OR soul stirring/honest/emotive images captured in someone’s home…I’d say ‘you crazy, lady, I can’t choose!’.

I honestly LOVE both. There is so much goodness to be bottled up at any session, no matter the location….but I *do* feel like the fabulous-ness of In-Home Family Photography hasn’t quite infiltrated our local area, whether that be the rolling hills of the Atherton Tablelands, or even down on the coast in Cairns. And it’s time we changed that, yeah? Yep.

So, below I’ve listed some common thoughts I’ve heard in regards to having photos taken in your home – just in case you’re ready to dip your toes into this heartfelt way of capturing your life with your people.

“I’m worried that my house isn’t photogenic (or new, or character-filled, or magazine-worthy)”

I purposely mention this one first, because it’s the one I hear the most often! And I’m here to let you know that you can delete this worry asap – because guess what? You guys are the star of the show. Your sweet family, and the incredible bond you share, and the glorious life you live inside those walls is what’s of numero uno importance.

Now, don’t get me wrong though – before an In-Home Photography Session I do give pointers on how you can prepare your abode for the shoot. The basics? A simple tidy and clean up is awesome, as well as removing any items or clutter that you think may be distracting in your shots.

But, at the end of the day, your home will help to tell your story. If your style is white on white and minimalist, that’s fab! If your style is bookshelves filled with fave books, and a dearly loved quilt, that’s fab too! Think of it as a harmonious balance of how you want your family life at home to be remembered.

“I can’t choose between indoor and outdoor shots!”

Err yep, as mentioned at the start, I truly love both types of sessions – but guess what? It is possible to combine the two!

If you’re:

a) loving the idea of an In-Home Photography Session, but would also love a few shots taken outside with the big fig tree/at the front door/in the backyard with the chickens, OR

b) you’d mostly love some outdoor shots, but would also be keen for some indoor ones that’ll capture that kind of everyday stuff you don’t want to ever forget..like your toddler dressing up/your babe on your hip whilst you try to do, well, anything/reading with your little one on your fave chair…

It is possible. We’d simply have a chat about what you are hoping to have captured, and how we can achieve it. I’m a natural light photographer, so my work (and how your images will look) depends HUGELY on the light that is present in the scene – which also depends on the time of day we shoot. Once we’ve worked all that out – we’re good to go!

“Are In-Home Sessions just for newborns?”

In-Home Photography Sessions are PERFECT for newborn photos – but are definitely not the only scenario for capturing family life at home! In-Home sessions are honest, and heart felt sessions that are a truly beautiful way to celebrate any season of family life. Couples, Maternity, Motherhood, Newborn, Babies, Toddlers, Little Kids, Big Kids – all the seasons! My style of photographing is relaxed – with just enough direction, mixed in with some more documentary/candid style shots. The aim is to document you guys in the space where you spend most of your lives together. It’s where the big stuff, and the little stuff, happens.

If you’ve been wondering or thinking about an In-Home Family Story Session, I hope that this has covered some (all!) of what may be holding you back.

I’m not here to convince you either way – my aim is just to provide you with different perspectives and helpful info, that will help make your Story Session true to you and your fam. The location of your session should be somewhere you feel comfortable and at ease. Whether that’s at home, or in the cane paddock, or at the lake – it’ll be glorious because it’s YOU. Whoop!

Tania x