• When is a good time to book?

Weekend sessions are the most popular, so it’s best to organise it well in advance, especially in the second half of the year.

Maternity sessions I suggest at around 30-34 weeks, but it also depends on your bump size, and how comfortable you're feeling, especially in the later stages.

For newborn sessions I take note of your due date, and we'll pencil you in around that time. When bub has made his/her entrance earthside, we'll then organise a date.

Also, because my photography is the relaxed, un-posed style, it's absolutely up to you when we book in your session! I don't require bub to be sleepy for intricate poses, so if you'd prefer to wait a little while, or until bub is older and more alert, we can do that too.

• What should we wear?

Once you’ve booked in, I'll be sending out your Client Welcome Guide, which has a entire section (and Pinterest Board) dedicated to What to Wear Inspiration. Fancy!

I go over the key things to consider when choosing yours and your family's outfits, including what photographs well, and what's best avoided.

I'm always available to answer your questions, and if you're really unsure (or you've just been staring at it too long) you can even send me photos of what you're thinking.

Whatever I suggest though, is purely what I know from experience - the most important thing is that you feel comfortable, and feel amazing in what you're wearing! This confidence will show through in your images.

• Where will our Story Session be?

Consider the look and vibe you’d like your photos to have, and of course where you and your family will feel most comfortable and relaxed.

At home, it’s your comfort zone, your cocoon. Kids love to show off their favourite toys, and well, all.the.things. You can do indoor activities together like making biscuits, building a lego empire, reading books and just generally hanging out like a lazy Sunday.

For an outdoor shoot, we can check out a lake, a park, a field, or even the beach (for those that live down the mountain!). We might have lots of gorgeous golden light, or have beautiful and moody overcast skies. There’ll be lots of natural colours and textures, giving us the perfect background to focus in on you and your gorgeous fam.

• What happens during our Story Session?

As excited as I’ll be to get snapping, I’ll spend a little time having a chat and getting to know you guys (which is why it realllly helps if you can take the time to fill our your Client Questionnaire). This helps to make the session a lot more comfortable and a lot less ‘get outta my personal space, camera lady’ – ha!

There will be a lovely balance of guidance/prompts from me (helps with the ‘I don’t know what to do with my hands!’ awkwardness), mixed with times where I’ll just hang back and observe, so that I can find the in-between moments – the ones that are always there, but often don’t get captured. I’ll never make you feel awkward or silly, my aim is for you to relax, laugh, and love on your family!

And please don’t stress if your kids are feeling tired/cranky/a little cray-cray. I’m a mum, and I get it! These are story sessions, and it’s allll part of the story!

• What time will our Story Session happen?

IN HOME (indoor) sessions are usually scheduled between 10am and 2pm. When choosing a time we’ll consider:

*which is the best time of day that you get the most natural light in your house. I’ll be photographing in the rooms with the best light so have a look around your house and see which time of day your home is the brightest.

*if you’re little ones have a nap at a certain time, we can absolutely work around that too.

OUTDOOR sessions are scheduled for before sunset.

Why sunset? Light is a big feature of my photography, and at sunset (golden hour) the light is warm and soft, which gives photos a beautiful glow. At other times of the day, the sunlight is more harsh, which makes it trickier to avoid shadows and squinting eyes. Golden hour light is flattering and creates an extra special-ness to your images.

• When will we receive our photos?

Your photos will be ready for viewing, via your password protected online gallery, approximately 2 weeks after the date of your session. Once you've chosen which images make your heart sing, you then simply decide on and pay for your Collection. I will then send your unique link required for downloading your images to your chosen device, and for accessing your personalised print store.