Hey there, Mama

I get you. Because I am you.

You know, in an abstract kind of way.

I know that having photos taken can be put down to the bottom of the pile. There’s an obstacle course of reasons why, that is built by the stories that live inside your head.

You tell yourself: You’re too busy. You want to shift some kg’s. You’re not photogenic. You will when it’s the perfect stage of family life.

But can I share my theory with you? When your kids look at those photos, they aren’t saying to themselves ‘geez mum really should book in to get her roots done, STAT’. Nope.

They’ll just love that you are there. And photos that show you exist in their lives aren’t only for them, they are for you too.

Give yourself permission to let go of the b.s. that all your ducks need to be in a row, ok? Ok. x

This is Your Season, Your Story

and I would be honoured to help you tell it through images.

Let’s go beyond only exisiting in phone selfies.

Let’s capture how you wrinkle your nose when you laugh at your kids being cray cray.

Let’s capture the way your babies snuggle into your chest when they are just too tired.

Let’s capture the way your little one gazes at you when you tell them your love for them goes to the moon and back.


Family Story Session

Family Photo’s had been on our TO-DO List for a quite some time, years really. I’d put it in the “to hard” basket and it wasn’t until we were due to move house that the urgency kicked in. What I didn’t know until afterward, was just how easy it actually was (kicking myself for not doing it earlier) and the photos themselves are now some of the most treasured I’ll ever have to look back on.

Tania is like no other photographer I’ve ever met. She is so professional while being super easy to work with. From the way she prepared us for the shoot, to how she worked through the session, to her presentation… the process was so easy. BUT!!! What makes it even better is her magic, her work and the way she captures the small stuff (that’s really the big stuff). There was not one photo in my collection I didn’t love. Thank you Tania – the memories you give back to families are priceless.


Family Story Session

Tania is such a talented, warm and welcoming person and we can't thank her enough for our gorgeous photos! Not only is she super lovely and down to earth but she has this aura that just makes you instantly feel comfortable. Aside from being completely amazing at capturing light she also captures the moments you didn’t even know happened. Thank you so much Tania


Family Story Session

Tania was so great to deal with. She came to us on the day of our shoot which immediately took away so much of the hassle. She was laid back, which made us all relax also (and forget that she was even snapping away).
We are so thrilled with our images and cannot wait to get some printed and displayed.
Would definitely book Beautiful Light Photography again!!


Motherhood Story Session

Tania is such a beautiful & talented soul! The work she produces is so amazing & so well thought out when it comes to capturing the perfect shot! Thank you Tania for capturing this special moment so beautifully in our lives 💕


Business Story Session

I have been obsessed with Tania's work ever since I stumbled across her. I love the rawness that she captures. She unveils beauty from capturing every day life. I was honoured to have her capture my space at PETALS & PINECONES - having those images is a game changer for me!
Story telling at its finest.