Well folks, here we are – one week from Christmas Day (eeeep!). Last weekend I had so much fun creating loveliness with the awesome family who secured the very last Family Story Session for 2019 – who also happened to be the BLP/Wood & Weave Creations Giveaway winners from way back in July. Plus! I got to travel down the mountain, and hang out in a pine forest/cane field setting for the shoot – SO beautiful! *check that I’m telling the truth above 👆🏻

Ok, so now let’s go for a walk down memory lane, shall we? 2019 saw lots and lots of stunning Family Story Sessions (is *your* beautiful face in the collection below?!), plus a few Business Story Sessions thrown in for good measure. * I tried to wrap up the entire year in one tidy post, but it’s a bigger job than I thought ha! Enjoy Part One, lovelies.

Wow, here I was thinking the first half of 2019 was quiet, um not.so.much. So incredibly grateful for the support, love, and all round awesomeness that has stepped in front of my lens this year. Ok, ok, I’ll finish the gushing in Part Two of the BLP 2019 Wrap Up Party. See you there!

Tania x