Hiya! Just popping in to write a little ol’ blog post about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while, but couldn’t quite settle on the ‘how’. Which has resulted in me, declaring to myself, ‘just keep it simple, girl!’.

Basically, for all of the beautiful humans who work with me (or have already worked with me, a.k.a. Beautiful Light Photography), you’ll become a part of the BLP Fam! I want to reward you with V.I.P. extra special-ness … because I *really* do think its a BIG deal when someone chooses me to capture a season in their life – whether that be maternity, newborn, family, motherhood….it’s all ahh-mazing.

Sooo, what extra special vibes will the BLP Fam enjoy? To be honest, I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants with some of this, BUT for starters:

  • a 10% discount off of your chosen Collection when you book in your next Story Session
  • first dibs on booking dates, before they’re released to the public and before they’re released to the main email subscribers list
  • a reward system for referrals
  • exclusive deals on prints and products
  • exclusive competitions
  • annnnd whatever else I can come up with (anyone for t-shirts?) 😂

Whoop! Just a little bit of fun to say THANK YOU for creating with me! I can’t wait to work with and welcome new members into the BLP Fam this year!

Much love

Tania x